Our focus on biosimilars

This exciting area of medicine offers various ways to treat patients. Besides OTC and Generics, we focus on specialties like biosimilars, in therapeutic areas of nephrology, oncology, diabetes, and ophthalmology.


The introduction of the first biosimilar in clinical use

> 30

Biosimilars approved for use in the EU to date as of March 2019*

20 to 25%

Savings compared to reference products*

* Pro Generika e.V.

What is a biosimilar?

Biosimilars belong to the most advanced medicines that can be used to treat a wide range of serious conditions. Discover why biosimilars are proven to be as safe and effective as their reference drugs although they are not exact copies of them like generic medicines.

How do they save money?

Biological medicines are some of the most expensive treatment options on the market. Learn why biosimilars are a more cost-effective alternative that can take pressure off the healthcare system and give more patients access to the medicines they need to treat diseases.

Are biosimilars chemicals?

Not all drugs are made using chemically manufactured molecules. Find out how biosimilar drugs are produced using a sophisticated process that involves fermenting trillions of living organisms or cells in large bioreactors, before separating and purifying the medically active substances that can treat specific diseases.