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New EMA biosimilar guidelines for healthcare professionals

Healthcare professionals in the EU and US still have a cautious approach towards using biosimilars in clinical practice because of concerns …

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Europe and FDA guidance on biosimilar interchangeability

The number of approvals for biosimilar products is steadily increasing in Europe, the USA and other regions to combat the economic burden of…

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Understanding the rules on biosimilar reimbursement policy

Biosimilars are defined by the European Medicines Agency as high-quality biological drugs that are highly similar to and show no clinically …

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Tearing down the barriers to accessing biosimilars

Many European states have adopted strategies to balance their national budgets with special focus on healthcare, because of the financial an…

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Can biosimilars drive value beyond just price?

A look at the interests of various stakeholders and how biopharmaceutical companies are taking on the challenge of biosimilars reveals a com…

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What every patient needs to know about biosimilars

A quick guide to biosimilar medicines, how they’re made, and why you can trust them to be safe and effective.

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